A definition of an orthodontist would be a medical practitioner who after undergoing a special training graduates in the field of dentistry. Teeth form basic parts of the human body thus should be taken care of without fail. Apart from chewing food, teeth form an aesthetic part of the human body. Smiling appears brighter when one has healthy teeth. For one, care of teeth involves taking a balanced diet. Calcium, a component that strengthens teeth should be included in the diet and be in plenty. Brushing teeth twice a day prevents tooth decay and mouths ache. But teeth complications are likely to occur even after all the above is practiced. The sick, old age, children and pregnant women are at a higher risk of developing teeth complications. 

By treating all teeth irregularities a patient may have, an orthodontist at www.dobraces.com/your-treatment/braces-for-teenagers/ works closely with clients to ensure that their demands are adequately met. Reading this article, you will be able to familiarize yourself with duties and responsibilities of an orthodontist. The first responsibility is referred to as examination. Once a patient has booked an appointment, an orthodontist confirms availability. It is on this specific day that a patient arrives at the orthodontist working area for teeth examination. 

Teeth examination involves a couple of procedures. The first thing that a doctor chooses to do is to check on the medical history of the patient. It is possible to find some teeth problems being associated with diseases that have affected the client in the past. It is also the duty of an orthodontist to assess the teeth of the client very closely. Here, problems related to teeth of the client are identified by the dentist. Analyzing the jaw structure of a client also helps in coming up with the right mode of treatment. Other times, ex-rays or photos of the client's teeth maybe taken to come up with the best treatment solution. Know more about orthodontist in http://www.ehow.com/health/dental-health/orthodontics/. 

The second responsibility an orthodontist performs is known as treatment. In this part, an orthodontist weighs options of treatment. The most suitable treatment option is arrived at by negotiating with a client. The most treatment options used include dental headgear, braces, spacers, retainers and other times surgery. Satisfactory treatments are arrived at when prior negotiations of cost are discussed. Treatment costs are sometimes catered by the insurance covers. 


The final bit of responsibilities involve treatment and teeth maintenance. After settling on a suitable mode of treatment, an orthodontist administers the most suitable treatment option. This is achieved by applying dental installation. It is possible for dental installation to engage a number of appointments and in this, teeth maintenance becomes applicable here. A client sometimes is given different sessions for checkups and this depends on the doctor's choice of treatment. Once treatment plan elapses, orthodontists discharge their patients. Once the end results realized are positive, patients become overjoyed, click to know more!